Reliable and effective solutions for complex rock breaking projects in civil engineering, tunneling and mining applications

The Royex rock breaking system is a collection of products and techniques designed  to effectively break rock without the impact of ground vibrations, fly rock, over break and toxic gases. 
Royex rock breaking tools together with the support of our expert engineers offers a powerful alternative to conventional explosives and mechanical rock breaking hammers. 

Royex is  1.4S classified which allows for significant transport, storage and handling benefits.
The system is developed and manufactured in Europe and  has been in use since 2004. 
Today, Royex is globally proven in a multitude of applications and is widely accepted and used by civil engineers, contractors and miners alike. 

The powerful advantages of Royex are

  • Significant reduction in vibration and fly rock compared to conventional explosives, excellent solution for civil projects.

  • Very low over break and fracturing zones, ideal for tunnel perimeter blasting, block- and dimensional stone splitting.

  • 1.4S classification allows for high availability , quick and cost effective transport and storage.

  • Minimal NOx and CO generation makes the product ideal for underground mining applications such as secondary blasting

  • Minimal impact on marine life for underwater rock breaking projects

  • Full face tunnel development rounds possible


Rock breaking in complex construction projects in urban environments or close to sensitive infrastructure is normally very challenging. Civil engineers must manage ground vibration, rock integrity and  safety aspects meanwhile maintaining timelines and budgets. Royex non explosive rock breaking  is the solution for situations where conventional explosives poses to big of an risk and where mechanical breakers are too ineffective, costly or loud. 

Underground tunneling for infrastructure projects or mining development requires a careful balance between tunnel advance, wall integrity, fragmentation and operational cycle times. Due to the fundamental difference in pressure build up created by the Royex cartridge, wall crush zones can be minimized or removed without compromising fragmentation or advance. As the Royex mixture generates minimal CO and NOx gases upon initiation, re-entry times can be improved hence improving cycle times.

The Royex system is a niche product with a natural place in underground and surface quarrying and  mining operations. Secondary breaking of oversize and boulder with the benefit of minimizing the risk of fly rock and minimal toxic gas generation is one traditional  application.  Using Royex in perimeter or
pre-split holes gives great benefits to wall protection and integrity. Royex greatly reduces fines and dust which improves working environments and minimizes waste which is particularly important in precious metal vein mining such as gold, diamond or platinum mining.

As the deflagration process eliminates the peak pressure behavior seen in detonating explosives, the Royex system can effectively break rock underwater without destroying marine life (fish and other marine lifeforms). Royex produces very similar fragmentation compared to conventional explosives when used underwater but with minimal marine damage. 

Royex underwater


Are you an established retailer or distributor in the explosives, pyrotechnics or construction industry? Do you have experience and a established distribution network? Are you looking for new investment opportunities? Then Royex might be for you.