Maxfire igniters

Electric maxfire


Maxfire is the first ever 1.4S pyrotechnic initiation system with timing capability. It is also the foremost electrical or shock tube based system providing powerful initiation of propellant cartridges.  Timing/delay initiation has previously only been possible with conventional detonators. Delay precision is equal to traditional detonator systems.

The Maxfire initiation system features a highly accurate delay element encased in each igniter. Therefore it is possible to delay individual holes, or sets of holes, and thereby initiate the Royex propellant cartridges in a pre-determined sequence. Numerous delay sequences are available allowing the coordinated blasting of complete panels and development ends. No other system in the world is capable of this versatility.

Initiation heat and pressure is essential for the performance of non-detonating cartridges. The Maxfire initiation capability is the most powerful available on the global market today and this feature enhances the reliability and efficiency of the Royex cartridge making the Royex system cartridge the most powerful deflagrating cartridge available worldwide.

Maxfire igniters are connected and fixed into the Royex cartridge using a wingnut screw fitting that smoothly connects with the Royex igniter plug. The connection is secure and waterproof, ensuring that the igniter is firmly connected into the cartridge and in place during the loading and stemming operation.

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UN number:                                                 0454
Shipping classification:                          1.4
Compability group:                                  S
Tunnel restriction code (ADR):         E


CE notified body ID:                                0589 – BAM
CE certificate ID:                                       0589-P1-0937
EU product category:                             P1
USA:                                                                  US DOT (EX no: EX2018112203)
Canada:                                                           NRCAN  (ID avaliable on request)
Australia:                                                        NSW, QLD, TAS (ID avaliable on request)


IInitiation heat:                                           900° C
IInitiation propagation:                          1400 mm

No fire current:                                             ≤ 0,45 A (10 ms)
All fire current:                                             ≥ 1,5 A (10 ms)
Resistance in fuse head:                          0,6 ± 0,2 Ω
Resistance in cable:                                    0,06 ±10% Ω/m

Avaliable in shock tube and electrical versions. Lead lenghts and delay information avaliable on request. 

Shock tube Maxfire