Concrete breaking, cutting and demolition

Royex concrete breaking

concrete demolition and breaking with Royex

Concrete breaking, cutting and demolition is a proven application for the Royex rock breaking system particularly as concrete often is associated with buildings and other sensitive structures. In demolitions in urban areas where noise, vibrations, dust or efficiency must be considered, mechanical concrete breakers has proven to be less effective than using micro blasting techniques such as Royex.

With controlled blasting more efficient results can be achieved since the concrete is broken from the inside and not from the outside. This means using tensile forces instead of compressive force. By using tensile forces applied from within a borehole in the concrete wall, slab or other object the force needed to break the concrete can be lowered by approximately 10-15% compared to compressive force applied by mechanical breakers.

High explosives like dynamite are a common alternative to micro blasting but are becoming less and less of an option since high explosives are difficult to control and cause high levels of vibration, noise and are logistically more complex than pyrotechnical products such as Royex due their strict regulatory requirements.

Royex cartridges in small load weights and are ideal for removing concrete to expose the reinforcement structures for sawing and cutting. The cartridges are proven to break even heavy reinforced concrete using relatively small charge weights and cause minimal vibration, noise and impact on surroundings when initiated. Royex is significantly faster than to mechanical breaking or sawing.

By careful borehole placement, the concrete structures can be broken in basically any way the operator wants. Breaking effect and direction can easily be controlled by changing borehole angle, depth and using advanced stemming techniques. This is an advantage when demolishing large concrete structures such as apartments buildings or similar. This makes Royex an excellent alternative for demolishing concrete or breaking concrete structures in sensitive areas.Concrete breaking, cutting and demolition