Underwater blasting

Royex underwater blasting

Underwater blasting with Royex

The Royex system is an revolutionary approach to under water rock breaking and blasting applications. The reason for this is that the Royex cartridge removes rock as effectively as conventional explosives, but, in contrast to detonating explosives Royex saves marine life.

Fish and water mammals such as dolphins and manatees are sensitive to pressure changes in water. They contain pockets of air which service them as buoyancy control organs. When using detonating explosives in water, massive pressure waves travels very long distances and the pressure differential crushes these air pockets, instantly killing the animal over large areas.

As the deflagration process eliminates the peak pressure behavior, the Royex system can effectively break rock underwater without destroying marine life (fish and other marine lifeforms).

The majority of our worlds population lives near water. Or, is dependent on a harbor or other water infrastructure. To ensure safe development of underwater structures without killing marine life, Royex would be the evident go to solution. Royex works down to depths up to 30 meters. 

Royex underwater
Royex underwater blasting