Blast mats

Royex blast mats

Royex Blast mats

Royex heavy duty coverage mats are made from recycled car and truck tires. The tires are cut into strips and joined with steel wires. The mats are designed for the though conditions that rock breaking and infrastructure projects brings. The design have been proof tested for more than five decades. Sizes and weights comes by default as shown below. However, custom sizes are made to order.


0,80 x 1,8 m – 45 kg
2,5 x 2 m – 350 kg
2,5 x 3 m – 450 kg
3,0 x 3 m – 680 kg
3,0 x 4 m – 900 kg
3,0 x 5 m – 1150 kg
3,0 x 6 m – 1350 kg

Other or custom sizes are available upon request. Please contact us for specific requirements

Royex blast mats