Controlled blasting

Royex blasting

Controlled civil blasting with Royex

Royex is ideal for blasting operations in urban areas in close proximity to houses, swimming pools, electrical installations, roads etc. The system allows for increased control of blast vibrations and fly rock. As the Royex system offers a wide array of diameters and charge weights, it is possible to choose just the right cartridge for any rock type and drill pattern.

Combined with blast mats, fly rock can in practice be completely eliminated which allows for continuous blasting and use in very tight spots in residential or commercial areas. 

The first video to the right is a good example of the above where hard rock where removed on a drive way just meters from houses and roads.  

The second video illustrates a shaft blast for a elevator shaft at a public school. Blasting was carried out during school hours without any risk to children or personnel.

As these videos illustrate, a great amount of rock may be removed with small Royex cartridges. In combination with blast mats, fly rock can in practice be completley eliminated allowing Royex use in dense urban environments and can also allow for blasting operations close to roads without the need for road closure. 

For information on typical vibration leveles, visit our FAQ page.