In a world where workplace safety, security and the environment matters, the Royex rock breaking system is a unique product with excellent world wide market potential. Given beneficial transport and storage classifications in conjunction with an excellent safety and efficiency record the Royex system offers a strong  product line to any explosives, pyrotechnics or construction retail business portfolio.

Etken Teknologi is committed to the success of our brand (Royex) and our distributors. Our goal is to offer distributorship and partnership to the most qualified people and companies in each market to establish long-term, mutually beneficial, business relationships with our distributors.

Royex system distributors and partners will enjoy exclusive representation of Royex rock breaking products in the authorized territory and the most competitive wholesale prices from Etken Teknologi as well as product support, product development and establishment support.

Etken Teknologi takes pride in setting high standards for its authorized representatives. We seek individuals and/or businesses that are able to meet all the following qualifications and will be dedicated in promoting and distributing The Royex rock breaking system;

What we look for in a distributor

  • Experience

The distributor must have significant experience and knowledge of similar products from the civil engineering domain such as demolition, infrastructure projects or similar. 


The distributor must have an established business and a track record with sales into the relevant niche sector. Sales and market development takes time and needs financing, it is therefore important that the distributor sets aside a budget for sales, regulatory and other relevant activities.   

  • Ambition
We only work with serious companies. The Royex users and distributors work closely together and any participant must have a serious ambition and interest in the system and our ambition. For the right people, we offer serious, effective and reliable support to ensure success. 
  • Resources
Launching a new products costs money. It takes time and needs efforts and people. It is therefore paramount that you think about what resources you have available in terms of funds, facilities and people to succeed in a potential distributiorship. 

Distributors meeting the above criteria will be given maximum support by Etken Teknologi in order to develop their market. This will include an evaluation of the market potential and a mutual understanding of the capability and flexibility of all partners.

Upon agreement an exclusive and binding contract including wholesale pricing and terms will be prepared and signed. If you fit the above criteria and are looking for ways to expand your business or product portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your success is our success!