Tunnel development

Royex tunnel development

Tunnel development blasting with Royex

The Royex rock breaking system is one of the few rock breaking systems in the world that has been successfully used in tunnel development. Royex has been used both in civil engineering projects where tunnels had to be developed with very sensitive methodology and in mining projects where logistics of 1.1D explosives where impossible or where rock conditions did not allow for detonating explosives. 

Royex has up to date been used to develop more than 2000 meters of underground tunnels in dimensions from 2,5 x 2,5 to 8,6 x 13,6. Blast as deep as 5 meters have been successfully done continuously. Fragmentation is normally around 300-400 mm. 

The Royex cartridge is ideal for tunnel blasting where vibrations, NOX and CO gas,  and over break must be strictly  controlled. Traditionally, electronic detonators are used for this but Royex offers a better solution at a better cost. As the Royex cartridge minimize over break it can be used as an excellent perimeter control product. The cartridge can be connected into a normal tunnel blast (assuming shock tube and blocking/detonating cord tie ups are used) allowing it to seamlessly integrate to normal tunnel blasting operations.

Another advantage is that the Royex cartridge minimized crush zones. This improves recovery of precious ores such as gold, platinum and diamonds.

The system can also be used for maintenance and expansion work in tunnel systems in operations. As an example, the third video to the right illustrates Royex used to develop a water pumping systems inside an under city tunneling system right by an metro train line in operation.