ROYEX CARtridges

The Royex cartridge is a non-detonating rock breaking cartridge. It is classified as a pyrotechnic article and holds a 1.4S transport classification. In the European Union, the cartridge is classified as a P2 product, under the European directive for pyrotechnical articles, by the BAM laboratory in Berlin, Germany.

The cartridge consists of a plastic housing containing a pyrotechnic propellant mixture. The robust plastic housing is designed to protect the propellant mixture and the igniter during handling and charging. Royex cartridges are currently offered in three diameters: 22, 32 and 38 mm in lengths from 70 mm to 1100 mm.

The 22 mm cartridge has been specially designed for very precise pre-splits where fracture zones must be eliminated and wall integrity is paramount. Typical applications are dimensional stone breaking in slate, limestone, granite, marble and similar rock types. or for tunnel perimeter blasting.  The 22 mm cartridges are also ideal for concrete demolition or in areas where only small diameter drilling equipment is available.

Royex 32 mm cartridges are the product of choice for highly sensitive civil projects. Containing enough breaking power to be cost efficient, the 32 mm cartridge maintains an excellent vibration control and fly rock minimization. Typical applications include precision civil projects such as bench blasting in urban environments or indoors. Trenching, wells or tunnel development applications are also situations where the 32 mm cartridges has multiple uses.

A Royex 38 mm cartridge is ideal for tunnel development or surface developments where larger burdens and hole depths can be allowed. It is also suitable for bigger operations where small hole drilling capabilities are scares or unavailable.

The article names for the Royex cartridge product line are denoted <diameter> / <length>
in millimeter, NEQ is noted separately.

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UN Number:                                                      0432
Shipping classification:                               1.4
Compability group:                                       S
Tunnel restriction code (ADR):               E


CE notified body ID:                                      0589 – BAM
CE certificate ID:                                             0589-P2-0103
EU product category:                                    P2
EU product type:                                             Gas Generator
EU product sub-type:                                   Rock breaking cartridge
USA:                                                                        US DOT (EX no: EX2018112203)
Canada:                                                                 NRCAN  (ID avaliable on request)
Australia:                                                             NSW, QLD, TAS (ID avaliable on request)


Energy:                                                                  911 Kcal/Kg (3,81 MJ/Kg)
Gas volume:                                                        923 Liter / Kg
IInitiation:                                                            Electrical / Shock tube
Speed of deflagration (confined):           330 – 850 m / second
Speed of deflagration (unconfined):      0 – 1 m / second
Maximum pressure (confined):                520 Mp
Maximum pressure (unconfined):          ~0 Mp
Storage:                                                                 Dry storage. Max temp 55° C. No direct sunlight.
Shelf life:                                                               18 months 


Efficiency (In situ):                                          1 m³ / 100 gram cartridge
Efficiency (Boulder):                                      20 m³ / 100 gram patron cartridge

Powder factor (in situ):                                0.6 (Anfo, 1,00)
Powder factor (Boulder):                           0.01 (Anfo 1,00)
Water resistant:                                              Yes


Nitrogen:                                                                 41%
Steam / water vapour:                                     37 %
Carbon dioxide:                                                   19 %
Carbon monoxide:                                              << 0,01 %


Cartridges are packed in UN DG approved cardboard cases in three sizes. Packaging densities and case sizes are available in the table on this page.