Secondary breaking

Royex secondary blasting

Secondary, Slyping and boulder breaking with Royex

Royex is ideally suited to secondary blasting applications. Due to the low presence of fly rock, dust and noise, oversize boulders and rock can be broken whilst normal operations continue. In addition nearby equipment such as crushers, haulers and drilling equipment will not need to be moved from the operating site.

Secondary operations underground is normally problematic, especially for mining operations in block cave mines and similar. Oversize or slype blasting must happen on shift and be part of ventilation time frames. Oversize blocking draw bells or passages cases significant delays and poses risks to underground personnel.

Using Royex to break such boulders are an ideal solution as the Royex system minimizes toxic gases such as NOx and CO. Royex is today frequently used in underground mining applications for just this purpose.  Basically, Royex breaks rocks that causes blockage or other problems in operations on shift without the extensive need for ventilation clearance.

In underground operations where slyping is normally required in the infrastructure maintenance work, Royex is an ideal solution as these tunnel expansion or similar blasting can happen with minimal risk. 

Royex integrates smoothly into any centralized blasting system and can be use in any hole direction with our without water content.  

The videos to the right shows some examples of overhang and secondary breaking in a quarry application.