Bench blasting

Royex precision bench blasting

Bench blasting with Royex

Due to the characteristics of Royex, significant output can be achieved in bench blasting per gram of Royex. This means that very low powder factors may be used without compromising breakage and fragmentation. Using lower powder factors combined with eliminating the shock wave makes Royex ideal for larger bench blasting projects in urban areas. 

In large scale rock removal projects in cities or close to other sensitive structures Royex offers a very cost competitive and quick solution. As the system also minimizes fly rock, gas and vibration, Royex also comes with an significant safety improvement compared to conventional explosives.

Royex cartridges are supplied in lengths up to 1100 mm which means that high bench shots can be achieved. Most common heights are 3-8 meters with burdens between 1,2-2,5 meters. 

 The video to the right illustrates a common Royex bench shot. Notice the excellent fragmentation and integrity of the back wall.