Block stone blasting

Royex dimensional stone breaking

Block and dimensional stone blasting with Royex

Block or dimensional stone blasting is a very specific type of blasting where big slabs of rock is extracted and then post processed to become construction material or ornamental pieces. 

What is generally required in this type of blasting is removal of fractures or introducing weak panes into the resulting block. This means that the explosive used must be very forgiving to the rock yet powerful enough to break it out.

Royex does exactly this. As Royex does not produce a shock wave upon initiation, the Royex cartridge splits the rock without generating cracks. This means that Royex can increase productivity for dimensional block stone quarries. 

Another advantage of using Royex is that the product is water proof. This means that it may be used when the face is ready for blasting regardless of water content in the holes. This is a great advantage compared to black powder or low density ANFO. 

Royex is especially suitable for Slate, marble and limestone type rock. The video to the right illustrate operations in a slate quarry with highly segmented slate. The picture below illustrates the ideal wall integrity after a Royex shot. 


Royex no back break