Royex initiation machine Mars 2

Royex shot exploder Mars 2

Royex Initiation machine MARS

MARS-2 is a medium energy blasting machine that comes with a built-in digital line tester. The blasting machine is portable, compact and lightweight, and can easily be operated by a single person.

The integrated line tester measures the  firing line resistance to identify short circuits, breaks in the blasting line or circuits with excessive resistance prior to the blast. For safety reasons, the line tester current is limited to 1 mA.

MARS-2 includes output pulse tail cutting to limit the output pulse to 4 ms and quench the remaining capacitor charge. These safety features are necessary to eliminate potential secondary explosions of the flammable dust generated during the blast.

The device comes in an ABS enclosure and includes push button switches, terminals for connecting electric detonator line, digital LCD screen for line testing and LEDs showing the state of the capacitor charge and the battery level.

For safety reasons there are two FIRE buttons. The operator has to push both buttons simultaneously for initiation.


Maximum permitted line resistance:     Ω 380 

Firing voltage:                                                    440

Firing energy:                                                     6.5

Capacitor nominal value:                            µF 68

Capacitor loading time:                                4 – 8

Blasts per battery charge:                          500 – 1000  (depending on battery quality)

Capacity:                                                              12 Maxfire igniters

Line resistance range:                                   Ω 1 – 1999

Power supply:                                                   2x 9V batteries

Protection level:                                               IP65

Operating temperature:                             °C –15 to +40

Weight:                                                                 0.36 kg

Dimensions:                                                      220 x 100 x 50 mm

Royex shot exploder Mars 2