Royex initiation machine Bart 2

Royex Initiation machine BART 2

BART-2 is a powerful high energy hand cranked blasting machine. The device uses a hand generator and the operator does not need an external power supply or batteries. The blasting machine is portable, compact and lightweight, and can easily be operated by a single person.

BART-2 can be used to initiate up to 80 Maxfire igntiers or detonate most insensitive electric detonators that require high energy to detonate, including class C4 highly insensitive detonators.

BART-2 includes an output pulse tail cutting to limit the impulse to 4ms and quench the remaining capacitor charge. These safety features are necessary to eliminate potential secondary explosions of the flammable dust generated during the blast.

The blasting machine includes a number of important safety features to avoid accidental initiation. The crank handle can be removed by the operator when the firing line and the igniters/detonators are inspected or not ready to be fired yet. BART-2AS also includes a mechanical safety cover above the terminals that prevent cranking when the line is connected. Lastly, there are two FIRE buttons that need to be pushed simultaneously for initiation.

The device comes in an aluminum enclosure that includes ON-OFF/L-test switch, terminals for connecting electric firing line, and a crank handle for capacitor charging. Both sides of the panel include “READY” LEDs to indicate the capacitor charge state.


Maximum permitted line resistance:      Ω 1100

Firing voltage:                                                     1250

Firing energy:                                                      88

Capacitor nominal value:                               µF 110

Firing impulse duration:                                 ms 4

Capacitor charging:                                          25 – 30 crank turns

Capacity:                                                                Maxfire igntiers 80

Power supply:                                                      Hand cranked

Protection level:                                                 IP65

Operating temperature:                               °C –20 to +55, at 100% relative humidity

Weight:                                                                   1.4 Kg

Dimensions:                                                          200 x 143 x 55 mm