Royex line tester OOM 4

Royex line tester OOM4

Royex Digital line tester OOM4

OOM-4 digital line tester can be used in conjunction with the blasting machines that do not already include a built-in line tester. OOM-4 is designed for safe testing the electric detonator lines and/or the connecting cables.

The line tester accurately measures the line resistance over the full range between 0 and 1999 Ω and includes an LCD screen that displays the readout. Momentary and also continuous measurement modes are available.

The continuous mode is initiated releasing the TEST button after 10 seconds and it lasts indefinitely. This is useful in situations where the detonator line can be affected for some time prior to the actual blasting moment, such as intentional covering of blasting charges.

For safety reasons, the measuring current is limited to 1 mA. The digital line tester is battery powered.


Resistance measuring ranges:       Ω 0-999 and 1000-1999 

Measuring resolution                         Ω 0.1 for 0-999, 1 for 1000-1999 

Accuracy:                                                    % + / – 0.5

Line testing current (max):              mA 1

Power supply:                                          3 x 1,5V AAA batteries

Protection level:                                     IP65

Operating temperature:                    °C –20 to +55

Weight:                                                         0.23 kg

Dimensions:                                               140 x 69 x 34 mm

Royex line tester OOM4